Thankful Thursday: Grateful Lost Pup’s Reaction to Finding Her Dad [VIDEO]

Is there anything sweeter than the authentic, sincere love and gratitude of a dog?

When sweet Dora got scared during Fourth of July fireworks, she ran away from home in her fright. Her family searched for her, but had no idea where she had run off to. Lost, alone, and afraid, Dora was eventually picked up by the local Humane Society, who scanned her microchip. (P.S. if your dog doesn’t have a microchip, make an appointment RIGHT NOW to get one. They’re cheap and can be done at your vet’s office. They are the best way to get a lost dog home to their loving family!)

The moment sweet Dora is reunited with her dad was caught on video and it’s so emotional! You can just see all the pain she endured as she relaxes into her dad’s comforting presence.

She may have a lot to overcome to get back to her old self, but it looks like she has the loving support of a human who loves her immensely.


Watching sweet Dora get her happy ending will make you hug your dog tighter and count your own blessings today.

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